The clothing tag is the Skeleton logo you see on the website. (It will be slightly modified on the clothing color wise.) The colors you see on the website currently is this grape soda palette of purples, and pinks.

        This color palette may change unexpectedly in the future. This color palette is 13 colors which is currently being used on the website. But the website colors don't translate well to clothes, since they are bright RGB colors.

        So the official palette we are sticking with for designing clothes is the FirebrandX Classic NES Palette.

        Don't expect the clothes to match the website perfectly. The pixel artist is free to use whatever color they want in this palette. The universe is kind of like a dream world where anything is possible. But its grounded in a somewhat believable story line. In the future we would like to create a comic book series based on the life of Dii Casses living on Body Island.

        Many of the graphic designs on our clothing will have to do with the Skeleton, toilets, squids, parrot, diamond glasses, Z with a line. Or some combination of those 6. There is quite a bit of iconography for, but we're trying to limit things to the main character "Dii Casses" the hacker skeleton from the future primarily and the toilets hypnotizing the humans. There may also be chess (we love chess) based shirts or other game inspired shirts (power gloves, arcade machines, pinball machines, Tetris if we can get a license :o) but within the universe using a pixel art aesthetic.

        There's also Z's with a line through it which is the symbol for squid diamonds on Body Island. Diamond glasses are also a main symbol for the brand to be recognized by. The diamond glasses represent creative vision and you will always see Dii Casses rocking the diamond glasses, so that they don't get their mind infiltrated by the squids.

        Our goal here at is to release clothes that fit this overall aesthetic into the designs. Whether its a button up short sleeve shirt with a pixel art pattern of the different characters or some design related to the overall look. We plan to do prints and are big fans of embroidered touches like clothing tags or pocket logos.

        The main slogan for is "8-Bits of String". This is just a play on words off of a string of 8 bits which makes a byte. The string of course is the clothing and the bits are the pixel art we create. We are big fans of pixel art from old video games & wanted to incorporate that same style in our clothes. Pixel art still looks good 40+ years after it started to be created. We feel pixel art has a timeless and at the same time futuristic look.

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