• Samurai
  • Created from Dii Casses fallen tooth
  • Metal & emerald goggles attached to face mask
  • Metal grate for mouth with 4 metal lines.
  • Face mask looks like knight armor helmet with a shroud attached that goes to the shoulders.
  • Neck wrapped clothing pattern.
  • Rides R.A.P.T.O.R or moves by foot, teleportation.
  • Looks evil, but more aligned with the Good side.
  • In love triangle with J-111, C#
  • Carries 2 swords on hip
  • Diamond in swords handle
  • King
  • Cybernetic
  • Immortal
  • Mutant
  • Height = 74 inches


  • Melts into vapor to dodge attacks or move through obstacles
  • Hard as nails, immune to bullets, explosions, fire, nearly indestructible.
  • Can't be completely killed, will always regenerate and come back to life. 
  • Can teleport short distances
  • Sword can not be lifted by anyone but Tooth.
  • Can throw sword and recall it back to their hand.
  • Very fast & can block most attacks.
  • Can slide long distances to gain even more speed downhills. 
  • Vibrates very quickly to create harmonic texture or ambience for music, does not like singing.
  • Can sense Dii Casses nearby presence


  • Too strong, getting nerfed temporarily by Glaza or Ancient Ones 
  • J-111 (in love but always ignored which makes them not want to help the team)
  • Stubborn
  • Sometimes loses on purpose out of sadness, depression or be defiant against the overseers.
  • Always in the middle of an Existential crisis
  • Wants to escape the insanity & endless battles and find solace in nature.
  • Jealous of Dii, wants J-N4, they are always competing with each other for J-111, J-N4, C# attention.