Squid Inc.

Squid Inc. is a twin tentacle shaped skyscraper in the city of Ione. In the courtyard in front of the building is a squid sculpture sitting on top of a toilet holding a diamond in its tentacles with water fountain shooting out of the toilet.

Squid Inc. was one of the first major buildings to be erected in Ione. Squid Inc. is closely involved with the Body Island government. They handle all the manufacturing of Squid based products the inhabitants use. Their product line consist of food & drugs to medicine & cosmetics to pretty much everything the average human living on Body Island could want.

They are in direct competition with Mantis Inc. which makes generic knockoffs of the their products to sell them for less. Mantis Inc. is known for making inferior products that have gotten a few people killed using them.

Squid Inc. has repeatedly requested the help of the government to keep them from selling patented products in the city of Larissa. As of right now nothing has been done about this.

The current CEO of Squid Inc. is Dii Casses. They are in charged of day to day operations, but most of the responsibility is past down to automated workers / artificial intelligent systems. There's very few workers with a heartbeat at Squid Inc.

Squid Inc. finish being built in the year 2102 15 years ago. Since being in operation for more than a decade. Squid Inc. has rose to become the largest manufacturer of goods, bringing in the most profits here on Body Island. There doesn't seem to be anything that can slow its meteoric rise besides its main competition Mantis Inc.

There are ongoing information campaigns to discredit Mantis Inc. at every opportunity to keep the inhabitants of Body Island distrustful of their products. Of course they are countering this with their own campaign which makes it difficult.

Squid Inc. has started to noticed Mantis Inc. gaining on them in terms of profits. They continue to create new forms of drugs and drug combinations. At the current rate they are moving they may surpass Squid Inc. one day. Squid Inc. has decided they will start exploring to expand their drug empire to match the growth of Mantis Inc.

No one knows what the future holds for Squid Inc., but whatever it is there is a strong team of heroes protecting its day to day operations to make sure it stays in the competitive lead over Mantis Inc.