Welcome to PIXEL TREES a Cardano NFTree project trying to raise money for planting t r e e z.

        These PIXEL TREES have been randomly generated. Their purpose is to live forever on the Cardano blockchain & raise money for planting t r e e z.

        Each PIXEL TREES will be sold for 9 ₳ADA to pay for the cost of minting each & marketing & the cost of planting 999 REAL t r e e z. There will be a total of 999 unique PIXEL TREES, with varying colors, the rarity is up to the Cardano community. Some trees have unique color patterns or attributes like extra specks of color on their tree trunk, chunks of exposed bark, or weird alien faces & eyes, crosses & other weird things. There will be a cool factor rating for each as well, maybe low cool factors will be more rare than high cool factors. ü get to decide.  

        ü will also be able to see the t r e e z planted here: https://ecologi.com/antibiz 
Every NFT will be tied to a unique Tree ID # from Ecologi. Successful funding of this project will allow us to plant 5,000 more trees on top of the 999 t r e e z if all 999 NFTs are sold.


Send 9 ₳ADA to the Cardano address below to receive 3 random PIXEL TREES  If ü want 9 t r e e z   
  ü can send 1 transaction of 27 ₳ADA **We are currently running a promotion where you will receive 3 t r e e z instead of 1.


(View on CardanoScan )

                • Max 100 PIXEL TREES per person to make it fair for everyone to get some trees.

                • The PIXEL TREES will be sent out in order based on who sent the ₳ADA first.

                • If the Cardano receive address is no longer on this page, that means that all PIXEL TREES have been sold out! ü will be able to trade PIXEL TREES in this Discord channel: https://discord.gg/nBu2BDBagG

                • Please be patient, all PIXEL TREES will be sent out, if ü sent ₳ADA and the trees are sold out ü will be refunded. If there are any issues contact hipp0#4464 in Discord, or make a support ticket here: https://www.anti.biz/pages/contact-us 

                • The PIXEL TREES will be minted as people send Cardano. Once all the t r e e z have been minted & everyone got their t r e e z. The ₳ADA will then be converted to USD to pay to have 6,000 t r e e z planted. Thank ü for helping the 🌎

                • Last thing is to have fun, hopefully these t r e e z can be something fun to trade and at the same time raise money for planting t r e e z.


                • *Bonus* all PIXEL TREES are redeemable for a 10% discount at Anti.biz 1 tree = 1 discount! To claim your discount just prove ü are the owner of a PIXEL TREES by messaging hipp0#4464 on Discord with a screenshot of your tree asset in your wallet. In the future we may exchange FREE products for PIXELTREES or run promotions where people holding PIXELTREES get free shipping. If your a PIXELTREES hodlr create an account here. And send us a message on discord to be added to the special member group!


                • What does an NFT asset look like in my Yoroi or Daeladus wallet? Click here

                • How do I find my PIXEL TREES NFT asset? You can click your tree # on one of the t r e e z at the bottom of this page in the gallery. This will link you to pool.pm Alternatively you can directly search for the asset on Cardano Scan. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3

                • How much do you make from this sale? 333x9 ₳ADA = 2,997 ₳ADA **this will be less if we sell with discounts. It will cost us roughly 3,200 ₳ADA to send all the t r e e z. When you send us 9 ₳ADA we send back your t r e e z + 1.60 ₳ADA  

    PIXELTREES Attributes 🔑 (these are the unique properties of each tree & how their categorized)
    Colors (amount of colors) 1-2 is common, 3 is rare, 4+ is epic, 5+ legendary
    Eyes (eyes or no eyes) **If its a creature it has eyes, eyes are more rare.

    Creature (tree or creature) **Squids, aliens, gremlins, trolls, demons, goblins, robots, trolls,  gnomes, bats, ghost, ghouls, etc.
    Specks (specks on the tree trunk) none or a lot are rare
    Exposed bark (the middle bark comes through the leaves in some spots)
    Cross (the top of some trees have a cross)
    yes or no
    Personality (certain trees look nicer than others) 
    Cool Factor (creator of pixeltrees # rating of the tree)
    0-11 though some very low ratings could be more rare than higher.
    Tree ID  (ecologi real tree ID #)

    **Each tree has been analyzed to determine all the unique characteristics.


    PIXEL TREES #1-#999

    Sold 55 of 999

    (Click the z below to see them on the blockchain!)

    **we only have 12 weeks to mint all these (August 07 2021) to make sure they are all under the same policy which will increase their value, so any support ü can give is appreciated 🙏

    If all are not sold by then we will pay the cost and mint all for ourselves to sell overtime .

    Download all these images here