Welcome to PIXEL TREES a Cardano NFTree project trying to raise money for planting t r e e z.


        These PIXEL TREES have been randomly generated. Their purpose is to live forever on the Cardano blockchain & raise money for planting t r e e z.

        Each PIXEL TREES will be sold for 4 ₳ADA to pay for the cost of minting each & marketing & the cost of planting 999 REAL t r e e z. There will be a total of 999 unique PIXEL TREES

There is 3 Rarity categories Colors, Specks, Cross. (1 color, 2 colors, 3 colors, 4 colors (4 colors being the most rare.) 0 specks, 2 specks, 4 specks, 6 specks, 8 specks (on the trunk, 6 & 0 and 8 being the most rare) A Cross on top of the tree only happens in 4.60% t r e e z. Here is the spread sheet of all the t r e e z  & their rarities https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ma3mqnFhIqymlb97fL9ADHjXKCguh1yM/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=116557658677092523659&rtpof=true&sd=true  check what the excel spread sheet looks like here: Spreadsheet (the filters do not work with Google sheets, please use Excel!) ** The spreadsheet is still be adjusting, if you notice any mistakes report them in discord!~

        Every NFT will be tied to a unique Tree ID # from Ecologi https://ecologi.com/antibiz 


        Send 4 ₳ADA to the Cardano address below to receive 1 random PIXEL TREES  If ü want more t r e e z   just use the chart below to purchase multiple t r e e z

SOLD OUT!! Thankyou everyone, stay tuned for our next project!

OOZ1ES (coming soon...)





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              • The PIXEL TREES will be sent out in a random fair order.

              • If the Cardano receive address is no longer on this page, that means that all PIXEL TREES have been sold out! ü will be able to trade PIXEL TREES in this Discord channel: https://discord.gg/nBu2BDBagG

              • Please be patient, all PIXEL TREES will be sent out, if ü sent ₳ADA and the trees are sold out ü will be refunded. If there are any issues make a support ticket here: https://www.anti.biz/pages/contact-us 

              • The PIXEL TREES will be minted as people send Cardano. Once all the t r e e z have been minted & everyone got their t r e e z. The ₳ADA will then be converted to USD to pay to have 999 t r e e z planted. Thank ü for helping the 🌎

              • Last thing is to have fun, hopefully these t r e e z can be something fun to trade and at the same time raise money for planting t r e e z.
              • What does an NFT asset look like in my Yoroi or Daeladus wallet? Click here

              • How do I find my PIXEL TREES NFT asset? You will be able to click your tree # on one of the t r e e z at the bottom of this page in the gallery once the sale is over. This will link you to pool.pm Alternatively you can directly search for the asset on Cardano Scan. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 You can also goto pool.pm/tokens and enter your wallet address.

              • How much do you make from this sale? 999x4 ₳ADA = 3,996 ₳ADA this will be less if we sell with discounts. It will cost us roughly 3,000 ₳ADA to send & mint all the t r e e z. When you send us 4 ₳ADA we send back your t r e e z + 1.60 ₳ADA  


If you like this project check out our Official Logo Cardano NFT which will be 100% on chain logo, stay tune for more information!

Also near October 1st or earlier we are planning to release are next NFT project called OOZ1ES (pronounced oozies) join our Ooz1es discord to keep up to date https://discord.gg/P8wQgEWn2t


Sold 999 of 999

(Click the z below to see them up close!)

 This NFT Policy ID:70b535fd9fe3c29704c5eeee395fc1eab54abdbf61429a8112999f8b locks 8/25/2022 forever carving these NFTS into the Cardano Blockchain!

Download all the images here