Official Logo

        Grab a part of history by owning the official trademarked logo of streetwear/gaming brand! There will only ever be 999 NFTS minted of our logo on the Cardano blockchain with no derivatives ever created in the future. As our business grows, so does your share in the most important aspect of it, our logo!

This logo will be featured on all of our clothing tags, stenciled onto products/shipping boxes (biodegradable safe inks of course!) stickers & more!
You support the biz & help us grow by owning a piece of it, so we appreciate everyone who supported us from the beginning!~

 Last thing this logo will be stored 100% on Cardanos blockchain. What that means is it will always exist, as long as Cardano exists. No IPFS or other offchain storage for the images. It will be base64 code which will turn into an image with a script! Much cooler to do this NFT sale of our logo this way, please be patient its on the way!

        Click the image above or this link to purchase this NFT or just send 4 ADA to xxxxxxxt (We are converting the logo to code, so its completely on chain, no IPFS needed! Pls stayed tune, if you purchased 1 already you will get the new one!) to receive your Official logo!

 If you want discounts on buying more refer to the chart below!

Buy Quantity Unit Price Send
1 4 4
2 3.5 7
3 3.33333333 10
4 3.25 13
5 3.2 16
6 3.16666667 19
7 3.14285714 22
8 3.125 25
9 3.11111111 28
10 3.1 31




This NFT Policy ID: 18520f6f00685c9583b9fcfafcf1069ba50ba50ecc379dfad55aa4d8 locks 8/25/2022 forever carving these NFTS into the Cardano Blockchain!