Mission statement


        The brand mission for Anti.biz is simply to create great clothes & products at an affordable price. We also want to find ways to reduce waste while we build our brand. For example using biodegradable or recycled materials for poly mailers, environmentally safe inks for shipping labels, etc. Any plastic we can remove from the entire process of selling clothes will be one of our main goals.

        Where we manufacture our clothes is very important as well. We want to make sure the people making the clothes are getting paid a high wage and working conditions are good. This business is not about margins or profits. It's about carving out our own corner in the world for people to enjoy while pushing the limits of whats possible. As we grow we would like to find ways to help our local communities & the rest of the world. We're not fans of the current state of the planet and would like to help make it better as soon as possible.


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