Mantis Inc.

        Mantis Inc. came into prominence in response to Squid Inc's domination of the manufacturing of squid based products. Mantis Inc. has begun to expand in some areas that Squid Inc. hasn't been paying much attention to. Mantis Inc. is a skyscraper shaped like a claw. Out front in the courtyard is a sculpture of a mantis sitting standing on a toilet holding onto a diamond.

        For example Mantis Inc. is now the biggest supplier of Grape Soda on Body Island. Grape soda rose to popularity on Body Island after the last remaining known psychoactive mushroom species known as Thailand Pink Buffalos was spliced with the grape vines. Surprisingly the properties of the fungus made the grapes more resilient to the toxic environment than they naturally evolved to with some genetic modification over the years. Now they are the largest producer of wine & grape soda on Body Island. The wine is basically fermented grape soda which the inhabitants of the island love.

        Another product they have cornered the market on is the supply of Meyer Lemons. After the wars which caused majority of the Earth to become uninhabitable which also blocked the sun and radiated most of the plant life into extinction. Prior to the last marijuana plant having the same fate. Heavily engineered and genetically modified Meyer Lemons, designed to withstand the toxic environment were spliced with the last known strain of Purple haze cannabis.

        Now all the lemons on Body Island give a very sought after high. The inhabitants of Body Island use these lemons to make everything from lemon ricotta pancakes with a lemon curd sauce, to lemonade to lemonade ice cream. Meyer lemon based candy is also a big product of Mantis Inc. Some people have been known to even eat these lemons whole or carry them around in their hands or roll them under their feet for a soothing feeling.

        Lately Mantis Inc. has been experimenting combining the grapes with the lemons to make some intense hybrid products to sell.

        Mantis Inc. also makes generic versions of SINK & Aphrodite known as Much Wow & 2Horny. The combination of these two the inhabitants of Ra have been calling "Unicorn." There is another combination that's been getting popular and that's pure extractions of the Meyer Lemons & grapes known as  "Tang" & "Hippos." 

        The combination of Much Wow, 2Horny, Tang & Hippos is known as "Rainbow Colors." People say they've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and some report playing chess on top of Earth with the Joker.

        Mantis Inc. does make their own version of the Star Anise extraction that Squid Inc. makes called "STAR." However, they have made a generic exact copy known as "ORB." ORB is used to make 2Horny (their version of Aphrodite which Squid Inc. makes with STAR & PINK, PINK is a synthetic extraction from the Violet flower) The second generic ingredient extracted from the violet flower Mantis Inc. to make their version of Aphrodite is Pinky. 2Horny is a combination of ORB (STAR) & PINKY (PINK). They were unable to use the same names to be able to sell their versions.

        But Mantis Inc. has discovered a new drug that is becoming popular in the club scene. Where they take PINK and the extraction from the fruit of the Ancient Maidenhair Tree. The Maidenhair Trees fruit is known to restore health and vitality and is protected by a high amount of security. However recently Mantis Inc. has been harvesting it in secret to experiment with the fruit. The outer fruit body isn't what is most important, its the Ginkgo nut inside of the fruit. This is the last remaining Ginkgo tree which has been living for hundreds of years. 

        The synthetic extraction of the nut is called "CHASM" it gives a feeling like the Earth is opening up and your falling through it at high speeds. People don't like this feeling as it can be very nauseating and induce feelings of vertigo. People also report talking entities in many forms as they travel through space. With complex machinery, geometry and clowns and jokers making fun of them. Whatever its doing to people they can't get enough of it. For some its too intense.

       This is why Mantis Inc. sells a couple other drug related products. One of those being "Void" which is extracted from the Mud pits, through an advanced filtering and complex CO2 extraction process. Void is known to give people a calm, euphoric and pain free experience. This is one of Mantis Inc. best selling drugs.

        Another one the people can't get enough of is "F-Zer0" which is extracted from the Sugar Maple trees sap found in the Dark Tree forest. Which causes the users central nervous system to speed up. Giving them a boost of confidence making them powerful and able to conquer the world.

        Finally the last drug Mantis Inc. produces is known as "Mozart" its found by extracting a specific species of coral found in the Fantasy Coral Reefs in the Great Blue Sea known as "Ruby Weapon."

This large drug empire is being protected by a powerful team of villain's, the squids have also been supplying Mantis Inc. with some squid diamonds and Ruby weapon coral to use.