L.C.K (Laser Command Killer)


  • Frog
  • CMD A.I
  • Diamond in mouth
  • Glowing eyes at night
  • Missile pods on back
  • In between missiles is a sonic sound system (can play beats or beatbox)
  • Tongue is laser system (mouth opens to reveal laser, diamond in back of throat)
  • Vent/Spinning fan on belly
  • Makes frog/ribbit sounds as their vocalization.
  • Hands for grabbing (can hold weapons, and numerous other objects)
  • Tubing on leg
  • Carries 2 humanoids (one in the front and in the back, separate pods, neon domes)
  • Twin Sai's
  • Rook
  • Cybernetic
  • Mechanical
  • Mech
  • Size = 196 inches


  • Moves on land very fast by hopping.
  • Can jump really far and use a jetpack for limited amount of time
  • Float with jet pack
  • Laser
  • Missiles 
  • Lays frog eggs that turn into cybernetic tadpoles that can scout underwater.
  • Sonic weapon that can make enemies flee in terror, and temporarily stun enemies.
  • Very strong armor
  • Can fight multiple enemies
  • Carries extremely sharp twin sai's
  • Sonic weapon can double as beatbox.


  • Big target
  • Turns slowly
  • Easy to attack from behind
  • Diamond in mouth
  • Can't operate in water