The story starts with our hero Dii Casses, a well known computer hacker who was known for his superior intelligence, coding & engineering ability. In the war torn future there was very little inhabitable land. The only place left that could sustain human life was known as Body Island. It measures roughly 64,000 square miles, about the size of Sri Lanka. Dii Casses was known to travel around with a technologically advanced mechanical hybrid robotic parrot he used for relaying information back & forth in time. The messages he sent were very important as they contained info and updates on locating the "Squids''.

        In the year 2227 resources were very scarce. The only form of currency was what the people called Squid Diamonds. A few decades prior to this date it was discovered that a second advanced species was evolving at the depths of the ocean previously unnoticed before. This species of Squid quickly became known as the "Violet Intruders" who quickly started to become a menace by hoarding large amounts of resources at the bottom of the ocean. These squids would permanently mark their foreheads with a special type of ink that doesn't seem to come from their species of squid. The mark was a Z with a line through it which is why the humans started using this symbol to mark their currency.

        The people above the surface were slowly starving. But they discovered that these Squid Diamonds were the answer to their struggles. These diamonds were created in the Earth's mantle like any other diamond. But unlike normal diamonds these diamonds have never been delivered to the surface before from deep-source volcanic eruptions. 

        All the collected Squid Diamonds were acquired by fighting these "Violet Intruders" in the ocean. Not much is known about how they harvested these diamonds. But we know now that these diamonds are the source of their power deep in the depths of the ocean.

        They believed that these squids have created complex trading routes and societies which continue to propel their civilization forward and advance their evolution. Threatening the livelihood of all humans on planet Earth.

        What the humans discovered about these diamonds is that they radiated a powerful energy which could power their cities, vehicles, machines and other devices that made it possible to grow food and sustain life. Prior to this discovery the human race was slowly dying from the lack of energy generating sources. There was no crude oil or coal to speak of. The sun had been partially blocked due to nuclear winter which caused widespread fires all over the Earth. Which shot soot up into the sky and caused a prolonged climatic cooling effect. Not to mention all the nuclear reactors melted down making the land inhabitable, and the majority of the water on Earth has become radiated.

        Once humans started collecting large quantities of these Squid Diamonds. They were in a constant battle with the squids over control of the surface and the ocean. Many of these diamonds were put into secret vaults by the Body Island government that was created in the aftermath of the world wars. Now all commodities are bought and sold with paper notes representing Squid Diamonds. These notes are known as a Squid Diamond.

        Piracy was widespread at this time and the oceans were filled with humans fighting each other over the diamonds. As well as different factions working together to capture squids and steal their diamonds. It's not quite known the reason why the squids travel holding onto these diamonds. Some have even been discovered wearing the diamonds as jewelry. Many of these accessories are highly coveted by humans as their paper note trade value is very high. The squids are mostly found in the darkest depths of the ocean only reachable by advanced submersibles. But surprisingly enough they have been discovered numerous times close to the surface. The theory is the squids are scouting, and studying the human population on the surface, most likely plotting their revenge.  Some sailors, explorers and pirates have even discovered the squid crushing these diamonds into tiny bits and adorning textiles with these tiny bits of diamonds.

        The "Violet Intruders'' are known to make a special kind of ink that's not your normal black ink variety. It comes in many various shades of pinks, purples, violets. Humans on the surface have called these inks the grape soda of the sea. This ink has become the main source of colored dye for clothing production and other fabrics. Since many plant and animal species have died out and become extinct. Though there are many thriving species that have been genetically modified or developed immunity to the radiation through rapid evolution or other means. These squid inks also have a calming, and relaxing effect on humans. Many people have become squid millionaires off the stuff, by turning these inks into a type of drug coveted by most. The drug is known as SINK, named for the feeling it gives you. The drug is illegal on Body Island because the squid inks are needed in manufacturing and the government finds it a waste to use it for recreational purposes. So there is a large black market for the stuff and it catches a high price.

        What's even more surprising about these squids is the taste. The "Violet Intruders” is a great delicacy on the surface. And selling one of these catches a very good price. Compared to normal squid this squid is estimated to have 100x the normal aphrodisiac effect. According to ancient Greek mythology, there was an ordinary girl who seduced the sun god Apollo by giving him a dish prepared from squid. Humans believe that this is the squid that those mythologies were talking about. Its meat is rich with phosphorus which benefits the entire reproductive system. So there has been a large increase in population after the discovery of this squid. After decades upon decades of dwindling numbers of people. The human race has started to become strong again because of the squid.

        The entire human society of Body Island revolves around this delicate balance between the squids and humans. And don't think for a second the squids aren't benefiting from this relationship. They are known to win their fair share of battles and take human souls to the depths never to be seen again. The squids have also been slowly stealing human technologies that fall beneath the glassy reflective surface. Which has been causing a rapid advancement in their technology. They're pretty sure the squids like humans as much as humans like eating them. But for the most part they subsist on the fish, crab, shrimp and other aquatic beings. They have even been observed eating their young. This is why there is a constant struggle over resources. The squids continue to grow in numbers. And seem to thrive in the toxic environment created by humans. Some believe they may have even started to mutate from the toxic chemicals and radioactive materials that have oozed into the seas around the world. Some strange creatures have washed up on the shores and ended up on the ends of hooks of fishermen.

        There are rumors that these squids have developed many new energy harnessing technologies like harnessing the energy of the tides to power their aquatic civilization. Those on the surface are still in the dark about what true capabilities they have below. All they know is that they are constantly threatening human civilization for dominance. Even though they continuously harvest valuable diamonds at depths humans cannot reach. So a balance needs to be struck between the two species. Over killing of squids is a big debate where many humans believe they have enough resources already and say they want to completely wipe them out. Where others say we need to let them live down there to steal their diamonds. While others contend that they are only getting stronger and smarter and it's only a matter of time before they figure out ways to completely eradicate the human population.

     Dii Casses has been tasked as the CEO of Squid Inc. to program new tools and devices to capture and study these squids. Dii is also responsible for coordinating and communicating with the past with his trusty parrot Pr0xy to work on correcting the course of history. When time travel was discovered shortly after the discovery of the energy potential of these diamonds. They started sending information back to the year 1991 roughly 100 years before the wars started breaking out across the world. Because the technology was advanced enough at this time to find and possibly eradicate the squids before they started getting too strong. The theory floating around is that these squids have telepathic abilities. That they have been influencing humans and events for a very long time. Many believe they influenced the complete downfall of the humans by controlling their brains, spiraling them downwards into endless wars.

        Not much is known about the day to day operations of Dii Casses, hopefully we will uncover more soon. Till then all we can do is hope and pray the humans don't kill each other or drown each other in their own filth and grime. If humans don't go extinct from each other then they still have to worry about the rapidly advancing species of squid living and plotting beneath them.

To be continued...