March 2015 (the following dates are estimates)

The name of Anti.biz is created, a bid on Godaddy auctions for $99 won the domain name Anti.biz (if only they knew what they gave away)

I didn't know what the name could be yet, I just knew it was cool.

April 2017

I start buying and selling vintage clothes and selling them on eBay, Depop under the name Anti.biz. I thought maybe I might buy and sell artwork, but it became clothing. I started to realize I could sell just about anything vintage to people.

May 2017

My first logo I had created on Fiverr was this:

I would put this logo on the vintage clothes I was selling.

August 2017

I decided I wanted a better logo, so I create a text logo using this font called "shohl_plain"

September 2017

I set up a drop shipping site to sell streetwear clothes from China. I had no interest in trying to sell the clothes after seeing everyone else doing the same thing. So I gave up and moved on to my next idea for the progression of the business.


February 2018

I spent many months thinking about what could represent Anti.biz the best. I went through a lot of different ideas, including this one:

This logo was meant to represent the tug of war between good and evil. It also incorporated the number 9 which was the day I was born. I do like this idea, but didn't last long before I got sick of it.

What I came up with next was a backwards cash sign or a Z with a line through it. I felt this was the best representation of Anti.biz

June 2018

I tried to trademark the Z design, and I got a cease & desist from Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation. The parent company of Izod which owns the Z wrapped with the I. I think its pretty different, but to be honest it doesn't look that great on a pocket logo or a hat. So it was for the best.

October 2018

I spent a couple more months thinking about what the next logo could be. The initial idea for Anti.biz was when I realized how you could buy a pair of Yeezys for $50 from the same factory that made the $1000 ones. That's when I realized that all of these brands were scamming people hard and inflating the prices. When it cost $300 for a cotton t-shirt you know something is wrong! So this is what fueled the idea for Anti.biz, wanting to make my own Robin Hood type brand. Basically the idea was to pirate or steal designs and remake them cheap to sell to people with my branding.

So this initial pirate idea started the whole skeleton idea. But I didn't want to make it cliche pirate flag, etc. So I spent a long time thinking how it could be different. I wanted to make a Sigil and incorporate things about myself.

I was born April 9th so I incorporated my birthstone of a diamond with the design. The diamond was to replace the typical pirate patch.

December 2018

The idea above was the start. Then I held a competition for $300 for the logo on 99designs. The winner Brokoliking was the one who came up with the diamond glasses idea. His winning design is below:

April 2019

This design eventually got trademarked, and this was the beginning of something great. I spent 3 months building a website on Godaddy + Wordpress + Woocommerce. I paid Godaddy to optimize my images and they deleted all my products I had made from Printful. Which took days of work.

None of the backups worked, and Godaddy couldn't recover my work. After that happened I moved my website away from Godaddy never to return to Google. And I setup my Shopify store again. (I had a old Shopify store when I had that dropshipping store)

October 2019

I realized I needed too make the branding cooler. Because a shirt design is not enough to make someone buy a shirt, unless its a well established brand. Or has some interesting quirk or very niche. (Anti.biz is a very unique and niche idea)

I had many other ideas that I wanted to make, and decided to start incorporating all those old ideas into the story of Anti.biz

For example, I created this album idea called Body Island. And on Body Island there would be different currencies like Red money, Clout Tokens, and Squid Diamonds. (there was a few other currencies I forgot the names)

I also had this idea for Dii Casses & Toilet God. (I wanted to make a clothing brand entire based around the words "Toilet God." And will probably trademark those words within the next few months. I wanted to make both of those into a brand. So I actually went back and forth with giving up on Anti.biz to pursue other ideas. Eventually I said I need to keep with this idea and try to figure out what it needed to satisfy my OCD.

January 2020

I realized that pixel art is very timeless, and futuristic at the sametime. I decided I was going to turn my logo into pixel art. There was many failed iterations. And I wanted to give up thinking no one was going to be able to make something cool enough. All the pixel artist I hired just were not skilled enough.

These were some of the first iterations:

The guy who made it was unwilling to keep making modifications to get it exactly to where I wanted.

Luckily this guy Nicola came along @ig.diconcilio we worked for days on the logo. And at one point he got super mad and wanted to give up. But kept working. Finally i could see the design. At first I hated the way he made the teeth, but I finally fell in love with the look.

He made some purple highlight on the bones, and I wanted to keep that and emphasize that. It took a long time to get the crack in the forehead right.

The original logo had this font called Oxygene. Eventually I started to hate this font and wanted something that matched the logo better. I searched thousands and thousands of fonts. Eventually I came across this font from the 1991 Hecha Mecha Fighter video game.

My friend Nikola from the Netherlands @nikola.gif  (not Nicola from Brazil) Nikola does graphics work and has made a lot of graphics & concepts and also an official team member of Anti.biz along with Nicola.

Anyways Nikola helped recreate the font from Hecha Mecha Fighter and we made the revival together and released it for free. If you search Anti.biz font or Digital Drip font you will find it. I will be fixing the font up some, since it has some problems. I also had the shading removed on that font, so that font version will be released soon!

The final version and the current trademarked IC 35 trademark of Anti.biz is: (You can find the trademark #90000265, theres also many copyrights for the artwork  you see on the website)

We knew the logo was cool once we saw that little heart that is created in the center between the teeth and the arms. Which was totally by accident. (happy accidents) The color scheme of the website was inspired by this Grape Soda palette I ran across, you can find more information about it here: https://www.anti.biz/pages/vision

May 2020

The old slogan of Anti.biz was "Streetwear for the rest of us." That slogan ran its course after this pixel art was implemented. Eventually I came up with the slogan "8-BITS OF STRING" after much thought and dozens and dozens of other slogan ideas.

One other slogan idea was "Fuck your brand" my friend Nigel and me were standing outside a Pep Boys and we were trying to think of something and he was like "Fuck your brand" and I thought it was gold. Unfortunately at that time you weren't able to trademark obscene trademarks. I also decided I didn't want to come across so negative against other people.

I spent a lot of time thinking about FYB, but when I thought of 8-BITS OF STRING I knew that's what I wanted it to be. Racking my brain for weeks and months trying to solve the next piece of the puzzle. Trying to fit all the pieces together. After all these years everything was finally coming together.

June 2020

I start creating the storyline/lore of the brand. The first major purchase for the website is the moving banner. (About $450) Based on the last scene of my favorite movie "Hackers." Incorporating pop culture wherever possible helps create familiarity and add some fun to things.

Some other pop culture nods, the Cookie Monster virus on the create account area from the movie "Hackers." If you click the squid you will see the 3 Seashells from the movie "Demolition Man." Proxy the parrot flying at the bottom is representing the movie "Back to the Future" when the Delorean travels through time. I don't want to give everything away, but there are more Easter eggs/hidden areas waiting to be discovered on the website.

You can see the first attempt by another pixel artist to compare the skill level:

September 2020

A ton of website customization, graphics have been added to the website. The first Instagram post to represent my birthday and Dii Casses birthday happened on April 9th. (Plan to add the numbers 49 into designs in the future) April 9th 2020 is also the official launch day of the business for obvious reasons.

The next two products are figured out. A skeleton design top with text embroidery. And a toilet design for another design. There is a secret pocket logo that has yet to be revealed at this time. Need money and a trademark before its revealed.

A 3rd page of lore is written called "Dii Casses" the 4th page should be coming in October. (A comic book is planned as well in the near future, expect it to be 22 full color pages. It won't have pixel art, it will be a full color illustration. Pixel art can be very very expensive in comparison!

October 2020

A ton of new ideas for the business to help with marketing. I'm going to make a life size prop of Dii Casses with the skull crack (guess how tall they will be? Hint above), the color for the prop hasn't been decided as of yet. And it could take a few months to have it made since there are waiting list at a few prop building places. But it should be fully articulated, with moving limbs and have the ability to stand.

So expect some cool photography, videos and maybe skits in the near future once the clothing line launches!

Lots of cool things on the horizon. Mostly just money holding everything back. Not to mention I am only one person as of yet. But I do have a great team being built. I forgot to mention one other person Eliza she is a great artist check her out @eliza.osmo She's been helping me with concepts and has done shirt designs for me. Hopefully she will be illustrating the comic book and helping me with designing the prop.

February 2021

Pocket logo is still being worked on, going through many iterations. None that I like so far. Hopefully stumble across something soon. One thing I started doing is turning the main logo into a stencil where its just two colors with shading and other colors removed.

The spinning Z's on the website have also been updated. When they were compressed to a smaller size they lost quality and became distorted. 
 They have now been fixed.
This was one of the concepts for the Z, but doesn't exactly work for what I am going for.