God of Refuse

     Shortly after the wars ended and the world's population dwindled to almost  nothing. Humans started forming a new strange religion. No longer were the humans of the year 2227 practicing any of the old religions. There was a rapidly growing new religion which grew in popularity almost overnight. It seemed to appear in the blink of an eye.

        This new religion came about after many humans started hearing voices while sitting on their toilets in their bathroom. Many self admitted themselves to psych wards for evaluations. But soon even the doctors were hearing the voices. The strange thing was that these voices only entered people's minds when they were sitting on a toilet, or standing close to one. People started forming theories it could be from the toxic environment giving everyone acute psychosis. Or possibly the diamonds were radiating a harmful type of radiation affecting everyone's brain chemistry.

        Eventually the messages started becoming very clear that they were from God. The creator of all that is or ever will be. The people started forming a religion around this God of Refuse. Who later became known as the "Toilet God." This God started beaming information at lightning speed to the inhabitants of Body Island with instructions for living everyday life. Rules to adhere to were eventually carved in stone on Hooker Hill. The hills name came about after many women started selling sex near this hill. Many claimed a strong energetic field radiating near the stone. Prostitution ended up becoming legalized on Body Island as an official decree of this God.

        There was a growing number of people who believed the voices they were hearing were not from God. But in fact from the squids using telepathic powers influencing them. These people were considered outcast and not welcomed within city limits. Anyone thinking these messages were not directly from God would be ridiculed. Having a difference of opinion in regards to religion was not taken lightly. And if you voiced your opinion you would find yourself in a dark cell for a very long time. Or kicked from the capital city of "Ione '' indefinitely. The people of this city were known as the "Ionians." This city covered most of Body Island, so those who weren't outcast were all Ionians. The word ione in Greek meant violet flower. This was the name of a sea nymph in Greek mythology. It has been used as a given name in the English-speaking world since the 19th century.

        The Ionians worshiped this Toilet God deeply. As it unified their culture on many levels. And brought about great progress on many fronts. Of course there were still the constant battles and infighting between each other over the control of the squid diamonds. But for the most part, the humans that kept their heads down and avoided conflict lead a pretty good life. With many new technologies being created on a regular basis to strengthen life on this post-apocalyptic island. 

        Body Islands industry was primarily focused around these squids and their diamonds. Most of the clothes that the Ionians wore were adorned with depictions of this Toilet God. To say they were obsessed with this God is an understatement. They created many toilet monuments, and other works of art depicting the great Toilet God. Songs, books and poems were written about the magnificent Toilet God. Choirs would sing their praise and people would swear their allegiance daily.

        This God's influence was felt, seen and heard in every corner of Body Island. Toilet God cereal, Toilet God cartoons, video games, Toilet God energy drinks and soda. Literally everything was devoted to this Toilet God. No one thought for a second things were getting out of hand. Just about everyone wholeheartedly believed in this being that spoke to them when they stood near their toilet.

        The only other iconography humans used just as much as the Toilet was the squid. Many humans liked depicting the squids being defeated or on food packaging to eat them. There was one pharmaceutical company known as "Squid Inc." that was able to extract the aphrodisiac properties of the squid and put it into pill form. The women and men of Body Island went crazy for this pill. They were crazy in lust for each other. And many report intense religious sexual experiences. 

        Many of the inhabitants would combine the drug SINK with the sex drug known as Aphrodite. This combination was known as "Sea Foam." Squid Inc. made Aphrodite by extracting "PINK" from the many violet flower fields growing to create Aphrodite which would create the base layer of the drug. The humans described it as floating on a sea of loving bubbles wrapped in warm rays from the sun. The second component of Aphrodite comes from the many Star anise Evergreen trees growing around Body Island. The synthetic extraction is know as STAR and has very strong sedative properties. Surprisingly its been used medicinally for many ailments. There is always a constant demand for SINK to make this combination which made it the most profitable product on Body Island. Shortly followed by Squid Inc's sex drug Aphrodite. In a close third was the tech industry developing new technologies to harness the squid diamonds energy. Followed by the Body Island government and military.

        SINK was completely unregulated and untaxed. The drug on its own made these religious encounters with the Toilet God even more profound. Toilet God even encouraged its use among the population. Even though the government still fought to keep it illegal. Many knew the reason. The government and military were controlling the supply of the drug which funneled billions of dollars into their underground vaults to fund black budget projects.

        The Ionians couldn't get enough of either of these 2 drugs or the combination of both of them. Many were hopelessly dependent on them. Although there were little to no side effects to taking the drugs they were extremely addictive. And people would spend their entire paycheck chasing the intense high it gave them.

        It's a common ritual shared among Ionians to bow down and kiss their toilet seats before using them. So the cleanliness of the porcelain was a sign of faith and respect towards God. Dirtying your neighbors toilet and not cleaning it afterwards was a sign of great disrespect and led to many fights, conflicts and deaths. People could even find themselves in jail for toilet crimes. Which encompassed numerous laws to protect religious rights of the people of Body Island.

        Churches were established all across Body Island. Every Saturday people would come to these temples to worship the Toilet God. Most of these churches employed a technique where they burned large amounts of SINK and funneled the fumes through the vents to get everyone high in these intense religious ceremonies of singing, dancing and preaching. Most of these churches were created in the shape of toilets. Some even with working flushing mechanisms. Where all the parishioners could receive a sermon while floating in water. And once the ceremony was over they could all be flushed in one glorious vortex.

        There came about sex cults formed around the religious experience of toilets and sea foam. These cults were seen as taboo and disrespectful of the Toilet God. Though many flocked to these secretive cults for their intense drug fueled orgies. It was deemed normal to have sex with your spouse in a bathroom as respectful. But large quantities of people intermingling was considered the harbinger of disease.

        A disease that started to spread on Body Island was known as Grape Disease. Your skin would bubble up and eventually pop. Oozing out a purplish color. It is thought that this disease came about from the regular use of squid based foods, inks, drugs, etc. though doctors and scientists deny this. The government has urged monogamous relationships between its inhabitants to prevent this disease. But even with the use of prophylactics, this disease still can spread from body contact. The only protection sold is made from squid skin. The most popular brand is called "Tentacle." This particular brand combines their all natural squid skin with Aphrodite. Creating an intense euphoric sexual feeling.

        Although its not illegal to have sex outside of wedlock it is highly encouraged not to. And looked down upon by many if you do. Although the God of Refuse has never declared that officially in their rules on Hooker Hill. Many people take it upon themselves to make up rules for the Toilet God religion. With many different sects forming across the island. There is much infighting with who is interpreting God's will correctly.

        It is customary to get married by a priest of the church. A small squid diamond for a ring can cost many months' salary for the average citizen. Unfortunately there are not many vacation spots for honeymooners. So many newlyweds take cruises around the island. Traveling too far out from the island, air and seas start to become too toxic for humans without the proper protection. Scientists estimate that life will not be able to exist outside the small limitations of the island and surrounding ocean for many thousands of years.

        These cruises have fallen victim to piracy in the past. The government does have a navy in place to protect its citizens and combat piracy. The problem is there are such a great number of pirates comparatively to the size of the navy that proper maritime security is impossible. The cruise ships are normally protected the most and usually have nothing to worry about. The pirates are after squid diamonds, and all sea crafts are powered by a squid diamond. The larger the craft the larger the diamond. So taking over a big vessel can become a big score for a pirate crew. Though even large crafts only need a small diamond to generate enough energy to function.

        Many of these pirate crews are funded by the illegal sale of SINK. And many are ex-military. They fight amongst each other and with the squids. The government has the largest operation hunting the squids. And the most technologically advanced submersibles which can reach depths completely unheard of in the past. Many of these crafts are stolen by different pirate factions.

        The great and powerful Toilet God is constantly encouraging the fighting between the humans and the squids. That they must continuously collect the diamonds from the squids. This is why the Ionians know that it is the true voice of god and not the squids controlling their minds. This is why people are outcast for believing anything contrary to that narrative. The Ionians have no patience for cognitive dissonance clouding the one true god's message. These outcasts are known as the "Ixions." They are not welcomed in Ione or the City of Ra. The  city borders The Dark Tree forest and holds a population of roughly 294,000 people.

        The city of Ra is almost a mirror image of Ione. Where it differs is its a much more wild and free city with less restrictions from the toilet god religion. Even though non believers are not welcomed in Ra either. They are known as the "X's." If residents of the city bump into them on journeys through the forest or other locations they tend to ignore them. Outcast non believers are marked with an on the back of their neck, so that they can never return. The X is recognize in the city of Ione and has started to pick up popularity there as well for marking outcast.

To be continued...