I’m a model can I get a free T-Shirt?
Talk to us first so we can work something out. We are always looking for people from around the world to model our clothing which adds value to our brand. We are also interested in working with local models near the Philadelphia, PA area.

I’m a talented graphic designer will you hire me?
We are always on the look out for new talented artist to work with. Please send us your portfolio and a little about yourself. As well as what you charge for your work.

I have a design idea can I tell you?
Yes please tell us any design ideas you might have. If we get your idea made we will send you a free shirt with your design on it!

How does the rewards loyalty system work?
Right now you get 1 Bizpoint for every $1 you spend. You get 10 Bizpoints for every order. And 10 Bizpoints for following any of our social media. At a 100 Bizpoints you will get a 10% off coupon. In the future we would like to add more ways to gain Bizpoints with greater rewards.

How do I get a refund on a order?
Products are unique and produced to order, therefore, they are non-refundable. We will provide replacements for lost orders or faulty products. Only if there are subsequent issues with the replacement will a refund be provided. Please contact us immediately if there is a problem with your order and we will help you resolve the problem.

You guys don't have a product on your site can I recommend one?
Yes if there is a certain design you wanna see maybe in a long sleeve shirt or something along those lines and we don't have we will create it for you!