Dii Casses


        Dii Casses was born April 9th, he's not quite sure what age he is or what year he came into existence. His existence just came to be, it is even mysterious to him from where he came. He has many theories that a powerful God resurrected him to lead the world back to salvation. He spends a lot of his time playing old video games inside of his condo in the city of Ione. Dii bought four floors of the skyscraper to call home. It's mostly used to store recreations of old arcade machines and some equipment for work. There's not many vintage or historical relics left over after the wars. Almost everything that was saved was technology for preserving human existence. When Dii Casses isn't playing video games they usually head down to the local park to play chess with anyone that might be interested. Their favorite activities besides trying to save the human race are chess, poker, video games, Tetris, fencing, and tennis. He also enjoys cooking sometimes. But he's more likely to grab a bowl of cereal or a can of grape soda before cooking anything. You always find him rocking a Nintendo Power Glove on his right hand that he recreated from pictures from archives that were saved during the wars and later recovered by the Ionian government and released to the public. The only other thing Dii Casses wears on their body besides the diamond glasses, and the power glove sometimes is a ring on the left middle finger of a chess pawn and a metal cross around their neck. The diamond glasses are placed on Dii's skull through magical or extremely advanced technological means. Which means that it would take a very powerful army to remove them. The same goes for the Power glove. .

     Many people believe the squids have been influencing humans for a very long time. How long is still not quite understood. The Body Island government knows the leaders of the squids now due to the help of Dii Casses. The name of the squid leader is θ. Not much is known, only that they have been in charge for a very long time. The information that the government has collected is saying this squid has been alive for a few hundred years. And they have discovered a way to extend life beyond what was initially thought possible. 

     The squids have been waiting a very long time to make their move on the humans. It's been speculated that they were the cause of the human wars using their advanced technology or possibly telepathy. Believing that these squids are controlling your minds is a punishable offense in the current state of affairs. There's many humans that believe that these squids are controlling their minds. Especially when it comes to the worship of toilets and hearing the voice of God whenever someone's near a toilet. Many believe it's the squids controlling their minds. But these people are outcast from the city for believing any conspiracy theories involving the squids having telepathic abilities.

     For now the government focuses on tracking the squids and fighting them so that they can collect the diamonds from them. These diamonds are very valuable and help run the entire human civilization on Body Island. Dii Casses' job is to create new technologies for tracking the squids in the current year of 2227. Their other job is to send Pr0xy to the past to track when the squids started interfering in human civilization. To find out exactly what caused the wars.

     Pr0xy's main job is to relay information to the governments back in 1991 to help them locate the squids and possibly stop them before they started getting too strong. Dii Casses believes that these squids are definitely making humans believe in this Toilet God whenever they are near a toilet. Dii Casses diamond glasses are designed to block out any telepathic signals that might be influencing their thoughts. Unfortunately this technology Dii developed can't be brought to the masses because there is a mass disinformation campaign to keep people believing these thoughts are directly from God. Dii Casses believes that most of the people in the government have had their minds completely hijacked by the squids. It's a confusing situation. Working for the same government which might be compromised and trying to figure out ways to combat the squids at the same time.

     Dii Casses is aware of the situation he's in and for the most part is just playing along. It's a paycheck that affords him all his luxuries. Great food and all the video games & gadgets they could want. Dii has dabbled with the use of SINK & Aphrodite. Especially with combining the two into "Sea Foam." But for the most part he stays pretty sober. Though his gf likes to partake and can cause his habit to increase to an addiction. The drug combo has a very addicting feeling, and it gives Dii Casses a lot of anxiety when taking the SINK. So he mostly avoids taking SINK. Dii much prefers the genetically modified Meyer Lemons. They have been modified to grow abundantly in the radioactive environment and were crossed with one of the last remaining marijuana plants. Meyer Lemons are now the only way to experience the high effects of THC. Many of the inhabitants of Ione & Larissa love making Meyer lemon ricotta pancakes with a Meyer lemon curd sauce. Or you can find yourself drinking down some lemonade or making some ice-cream. You can also find many carrying around lemons in their hands, holding them in their pockets, or rubbing their feet on them for a nice relaxing massage. Another thing people like to do is mix the lemon juice into the grape soda which creates a super charged effect. Because the grape soda was made with grapes from The Grape Soda Vineyard. These grapes are famous because they were spliced with the genes of an extinct psychedelic mushroom species known as the Thailand Pink Buffalo that no longer exist after the wars.

This is definitely not the only illegal activity he's involved in. Sometimes you can find Dii looking for a date on Hooker Hill. Though his gf would kill him if she found out he cheated on her. Its usually only after a fight or if she isn't fulfilling his needs. Its difficult to be intimate sometimes with a cybernetic shapeshifting mutant. Even though Dii did their best to create the perfect companion. Something still seemed to be missing. His first girlfriend he created almost killed him, she became enraged when she found him cheating and left to exact revenge one day. She now lives in Larissa and is the CEO of Mantis Inc. His first creation was made using an A.I program he wrote called "Knights of the Old Code." All of his creations he made using this program turned against him. His new girlfriend he created was made with an A.I called "Call Me Doll A.I." It's a much more loving, caring and loyal program.

     The day to day work activities that the government tasks out to Casses each day is mostly brain dead work. Basically he needs to help program and create devices the military can use underwater to track the different activities of the squids. Many times when squids are captured they will be implanted with a device that we believe can't be detected at this time. It has no metallic parts and is implanted when the squid is put to sleep so they won't realize what happened. They've had luck with the tracking software that Dii Casses programmed to track all the squids that the military managed to implant. It gives a good overview of where the squids might live. But the problem is the sensors get blocked when they get too deep in the ocean. The blips only show up in the tracking software when they are moving closer to the surface. So it's still not the best solution for figuring out the location of their cities.

     The military is still trying to develop sensors, and other devices for listening to the squids communication. The problem is the squids live so deep in the ocean that creating a device that can record and transmit sounds is near impossible. Especially a device that won't be detected by them. The squids are quite advanced, to what extent is still not really known. We know that they have underwater cities that are powered in a similar way that the last remaining human city on the surface is powered.

     The military was able to extract some information out of a few of the squids that they captured and tortured for information. This is how the leader of the squids name was found. Dii Casses managed to develop a device that was able to decipher the sounds that the squids emit. It's mostly a combination of high frequency clicks, similar to Morse code. They believe that there's different types of communication that the squids are using. Many of the "squid workers'' use a very simple form of communication. They also believe the squids that are truly in charge are using telepathy to communicate to those below them, and those generals/officers are communicating in a verbal way to issue commands to the workers/soldiers.

     At the moment the humans are able to decipher the verbal high frequency clicks of the squids. But not much information is gathered from these worker squids. They have very basic knowledge and are mostly robotic drones. A few things they've been able to gather is the name of their leader "θ" and some basic knowledge about them.

              Dii Casses mostly just entertains the military and government out of boredom,  but he is the one truly in charge of everything going on the island. He finds it funny  entertaining the wishes of mortals that he could just snap in half at the blink of an eye. Dii Casses can be very sarcastic, so one of his favorite pastimes is messing with people that think they're really important and high up on the food chain. Especially the leaders and members of some secretive cults that think they are the most powerful group on the island. Dii Casses rarely reveals their hand, but when they do someone is in for an assbeating most of the time.

     Life isn't perfect living on Body Island, but for Dii Casses its a pretty good life. They've managed to stay out of trouble for the most part and have managed to keep their job and make significant contributions to the fight against the squids. Its a crazy world Dii has found themselves living in, but they're trying to make the best of it.

     Pr0xy keeps Casses entertained with their shenanigans for the most part. They are a mechanical hybrid that is mostly a machine with some parrot DNA grown in a lab. Some powerful cybernetic feathers that can explode when pulled out or shot out. Pr0xy is also being powered by the generation 2 Call Me Doll A.I that Dii coded for the mission they were tasked with. And a couple hidden Easter eggs for their personal entertainment. Proxy is a classic parrot that loves repeating funny or embarrassing things that Dii has said in the past. And loves being annoying and eating constantly even though their a robot who requires no food. A small diamond in the throat of Pr0xy will power the parrot for a very very long time. The squid diamonds create so much energy that even traveling back in time multiple times barely affects the total energetic charge of the diamond. 

     It's just strange that all of civilization seems to be resting on Dii Casses shoulders at a pivotal moment in time. Many of the Ionians have been known to whisper amongst each other when he walks by calling him by the name "God of Refuse." What Dii has done for Body Island and the city of Ione is well known. The squids are well aware of Casses' involvement and their importance to the government. Some Ionians say Dii Casses is a wizard with unlimited powers. Others say Dii is just a computer freak with too much time on their hands. Whoever is right doesn't matter. Because the squids are still causing problems and the humans need all the help they can get.

To be continued...