Dii Casses



  • Humanoid
  • Skeleton
  • Wears diamond glasses
  • Has crack in forehead
  • Has a silver tooth on top right row and missing tooth bottom row below the silver tooth.
  • Wears a Power Glove on the right hand.
  • Metal/Silver Pawn ring on the middle left finger.
  • Very high intelligence (not quantifiable) 
  • Purple / Blue coloration due to radiation.
  • CEO of Squid Inc.
  • King
  • Cybernetic
  • Undead
  • Mutant
  • Height = 69 inches


  • Diamond Glasses can create illusions
  • Power Glove can Jedi mind trick enemies/humanoids to make them move on about their business or get what he wants.
  • Power Glove can lift heavy objects and pull objects towards Dii
  • Slow the descent of a fall with Power Glove
  • Make self levitate by moving objects with Power Glove under them
  • Create temporary force fields large enough for humanoids
  • Freeze objects with Power Glove  
  • Create electricity overload from the Power Glove to attack with / can charge for larger attacks.
  • Disable Electronics with Power Glove
  • Telepathy / Intuition / Psychic ability
  • Pawn ring on the left hand calls any of his weapons or machines.
  • Can build anything (machine, weapon or electronic device needed.)
  • Hack into anything
  • Prays in times of intense struggle, calls on help by chanting "Respect Truth Love Jesus" while pressing in the cheat code "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start" on the Power Glove will call upon Jesus to heal, revive, empower, protect or rewind time. Whatever is needed to win the battle.
  • Very strong bones made out of Crystalline polymer nanofibers with ultra-high strength that can be pulled back together through strong zero point energy being generated from the Diamond Glasses. When being pulled back together it can act as a projectile which can damage enemies.
  • Communicates with the True God/Not affected by squid telepathic manipulation.
  • Skull starts to glow from within and shoots out through the crack a pink/reddish glow when Dii starts to become enraged through combos/killing many enemies, or during sexual experiences.


  • Drugs
  • Women humanoids + (J-N4, J-111, C#)
  • Voices in head
  • Goes Crazy from time to time
  • Can break into pieces/piles of bones from severe attacks, but can pull self together and regenerate.
  • The Power Glove can be pulled off. (if severed it returns back to the body if the glove isn't removed; however to remove the glove takes great force.) 
  • Diamond glasses point of weakness/attack, can be pulled off with enough force, similar force as the glove.
  • Diamond glasses = 50% / Powerglove = 50% of Dii Casses powers, losing both would be the end of their existence. Game Over when this happens which all the evil payers are trying to accomplish for their freedom from the game.
  • Sometimes Dii Casses Power Glove can malfunction and read backwards instead of "Power Glove" it can be "evolG rewoP" which makes Dii Casses lean more towards the dark/evil side.