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Welcome to SKULL 💀 pool

        Help keep the Cardano network decentralized by staking with small single stake pool operators! We use the profit from the pool to increase our pledge, pay for the servers, plant trees, donate to Oceana and create new content & products for you to enjoy!~

Every product purchased on our website plants a tree & 1% of all sales go to Oceana!

Read our Mission Statement here:

        Our business is trying to change the world as we grow, so we appreciate everyone that helps us along the way through the many avenues we have available. From sharing our post, telling your friends about us, buying our products, delegating to our stake pool, subscribing to our membership club or donating!

        Questions or comments contact us here or message us on Twitter or Instagram

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Our first block!

Name Ticker Fee Pledge Total Stake ROA Pool ID
🕱 SKULL 340 + 0% 0₳ 32.94K ₳ 0%

To start delegating to the Cardano stake pool we recommend the Daeladus wallet



Who or what is a ? +

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What is Cardano delegation? +

        Please read over this guide


        In short you are pointing your wallet to our server which is known as a pool. When you delegate your Cardano/Ada you will get a yearly return on average around 5%. There is no risk to you in doing this, and you can unstake your Cardano at anytime if you feel your asset growth is not where you want it. Although we appreciate anyone who stakes with us knowing their growth won't be that good until we start growing. Now that multi-pool delegation is possible we appreciate anyone that stakes any small amount of Cardano with us to help us start minting blocks. We will always be a single pool to help keep the Cardano ecosystem diversified. And we are always looking at ways to give back to improve our 🌎

How do I buy Cardano? +

        If you would like to buy Cardano check out the app, use our sign up code: to sign up for Referral code="j52xa3986j" and we both get $25 USD if you stake CRO coin


We also recommend Bittrex

Why should I delegate to your pool and not the bigger pools? +

        The bigger pools like Binance who just keep making more and more pools centralize Cardano to one major player. Delegating to smaller pools like ours keeps Cardano more decentralized. You should try to delegate to single pool operators who only run 1 pool, instead of many. This helps diversify the ecosystem, instead of having a monopoly on the pools by a select few. Click the link below to see pie graphs of who controls the majority of the Cardano network:

How long do I have to wait until I see my first rewards? +

        Anywhere between 15-20 days. For any change in delegation, the rewards are reflected after 3 epochs. (5 days per epoch) Expect to see your rewards 2 epochs after the epoch that a block is found. So for example if you joined the pool at epoch 1,epoch 3 is when you should see rewards in your Cardano wallet. And if a block was found in epoch 3, you won't see your reward until epoch 5. 

How much ADA will I be able to earn? +

        Check out this calculator to determine your current rewards with us. Remember this is subject to change based on how much stake is currently staked with us. It takes about 30 days before ROA (return on assets) % updates. The % changes based on luck and other factors. The ROA %  is what you can expect over the year staking with us. This percentage will grow the more that people stake with us. A simple way to calculate the chance to find a block is to divide the total Cardano staked on the pool/1,000,000. This will give you a rough estimate of chance. So 300,000/1,000,000= 30% chance. Now there is 73 epochs in a year. 73x30%=21.9 rewards per year. This will even out to about 5% per year depending on how much total is staked on the pool. The more staked to a pool = more blocks found. Which will give a more stable ROS (return on stake %) Basically the more staked at a pool the better for the stake holders/delegators.

How do I delegate to Stake Pool? +

        We recommend storing your Cardano in the Daedalus wallet: This allows you to stake your Cardano, and provides a very safe & secure place to store your Cardano. There is also a lightweight version called Yoroi wallet

1) Once you have the wallet, click on the Cardano symbol on the left hand side:

2) Type in Skull & you will see our pool. Go ahead and click on the word/box SKULL
***Don't worry about the pool rank, this ranking system is still not a good determining factor of a quality pool.
3) Next click on "Delegate to this pool."

4) Click continue when it pops up.

5) Click continue to confirm the pool and which wallet you will be using.

6) Next confirm your delegation, type in your password. (there is a fee for delegating for the first time.)

7) Congratulations you are now a delegator/stake holder, thank you for supporting our vision and goals!

What else do I need to know about staking with you? +

        Just remember not to lose your 24 word seed that your given when setting up your wallet. This will restore your account/wallet if you forget your password. Make sure no one sees your 24 word seed, or they can steal your wallet. If you write it down on a piece of paper or some other method make sure it wont be lost or destroyed! Also check it periodically to make sure its not degrading and has become unreadable!


         We also recommend using a hardware wallet, one with a password is very good at securing your crypto like the Trezor Model T

I haven't got any returns after staking with you, what's going on? +

        We are still a new stake pool, so we're relying on new delegators to delegate what little they can to help build up the pool till we reach 100-500K+ in total staked with our pool. At 50,000 4.84% chance 100K delegated that's 9.69% chance of finding a block, 500K is 48.43%, 1 Million is 96.86% a. There is also a luck factor involved which can help smaller stake pools like us find blocks.

       If you aren't getting your return you want, then you may want to stake with a bigger pool. But we appreciate anyone who sacrifices a small amount to keep staking with us while we grow.

What are your operating cost for running the stake pool? +

        We are currently running 2 servers, these servers may need to be upgraded when more people start delegating to our pool. Which will increase the cost for better servers. We may also need additional paid services to protect the stake pool, and may also need to run additional servers to help our pool run efficiently when there is more delegators/activity, so that the pool can stay connected to the network as a redundant backup.

Currently our monthly cost breakdown is as follows:

  1. Block Producer Server $73
  2. Relay 1 $73
  3. Backup/tax $50

        The chart above was our old cost, now roughly we are paying about $1700-1800 per year to run two servers. We are also looking into running a bare bones server which will cut cost significantly. We will be planting trees and donating to Oceana monthly to offset our carbon emission. In the future we would like to figure out a way to run the main block producing server on solar power.

What hardware is your pool running on? +

        We operate on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Our servers can scale as we grow. (Meaning we can upgrade the hard drive space, memory, CPU and other parameters to make it run better & more efficiently!) This of course will cost substantially more money, so we will make the necessary upgrades as our pool grows! Currently were running:

2x 16 gigs of ram / 4 core processor / 120 gig SSD (Block, Relay 1) (t3.xlarge) **in the future we would like to move to ARM based processors to save money when they're better supported.

        We are using monitoring tools that notify us if there are any problems with the servers as well, so we can fix any problems that may arise. (usually in a matter of minutes, so that there is no downtime)

What are your fees you charge for delegating to your pool? +

        It takes many hours set aside for running this pool, with a lot of studying to make it run as as efficient & secure as possible! Right now our variable fee is 0% which means were not taking anything extra from your rewards! There is also a standard operating fee of ₳340 ADA that cannot be lowered by anyone, which comes out of the total rewards + the variable fee of 0%. Everything else goes to the stake holders/delegators!

        So lets say we find a block together that is ₳1100 ADA on average, 340 is subtracted, the variable fee is 0%. So a 0% fee from 1100-340=760 would be ₳0 ADA. Of course if there are more blocks found that doesn't mean we keep getting 340, most of it will goto the delegators.

        The left over amount ₳760 would go to the delegators of the pool. So every block we find together will be split amongst the stake pool operator and stake holders. So if there is 100 delegators delegating 10,000 ADA each will get ₳7.6 per epoch (every 5 days) This number changes based on how much is currently being staked on the network. And how much % of your stake in comparison to the total staked. You can get a better calculation than this rough estimate by using this calculator: 

Why do you only have ₳0 pledge? +

        Pledge can be a good indicator of trust between stake holders and a stake pool operator. We currently are not pledging any ₳ADA at the moment till hardware wallets are better supported.

Don't worry a low pledge won't affect your rewards & we are using top of the line equipment/monitoring/security to ensure 99.9% up time so our pool doesn't miss any blocks! We are working on growing into a very solid & reliable pool and with your help we will grow bigger & stronger!

**As soon as the hardware wallet is setup this pledge will be bumped up.

How are you offsetting your carbon footprint? +

        We will be donating to Oceana, and planting trees to help reduce any energy waste we create while running our servers.

In the future we would like to have our server run completely on solar power. is always looking for ways to reduce waste and help the planet, read more here.


While every other crypto is chasing profits, Cardano is trying to change the world! Help us by donating, delegating, buying a product, subscribing or signing up for our newsletter!

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Purchasing a Trezor Model T through our affiliate link helps support the biz!~