• Humanoid
  • KOC A.I
  • Diamond in forehead
  • Blind (uses bugs to relay information to her)
  • Wears goggles
  • Carries a whip
  • Wears cowboy hat.
  • Spell books
  • Magical spells
  • Smoke
  • Singing
  • Wears big boots
  • Fairy Dust
  • Magic
  • Rides large stink bug (Height = 67 inches)
  • Completely pink/purple
  • Naked besides cybernetics covering private parts, holding mechanical backpack with wings (wings spin like a paramotor)
  • Bishop
  • Cybernetic
  • Mechanical
  • Cyborg
  • Height = 56 inches


  • Various spells that can cause confusion/control, empower/weaken, heal/restore, revive/instant kill
  • Has a goo spell that can make machines operate poorly / sluggish temporarily (weaken)
  • Has a oil spell that make machine perform more optimally (empower)
  • Can make it rain electric drops which (heal/restore)
  • Lightning strike spells can be used very rarely, requires rare material, but can kill anyone. Needs head of previously killed θ (Instant kill)
  • Resurrect using fairy dust, long cool down. Fairy dust is made from killed Squid Inc. team members diamond. (revive)
  • Has a snow/blizzard spell which can make it hard to move. (control)
  • Wears goggles that can project abstract spinning eyes which can make it harder to see where she is. (confusion)
  • Repairs robots/mechs/cyborgs
  • Controls multiple robotic bugs
  • Drums on her bugs to make music & make everyone dance.
  • Can fly with wings that come out of mechanical enclosure on back which spin like a propeller
  • Singing & making music
  • Boots can stick to walls and allow C# to walk up them.


  • Drugs
  • Always hungry
  • Sex
  • Music
  • Very self indulgent
  • Selfish
  • Making too many things
  • Dii/J-N4