₳฿ØɄ₮ Ʉ₴

Anti.biz was created because we got tired of other companies charging us so much money for clothes. Our focus is on creating high quality streetwear at an affordable price. Our brand is for the people that are extraordinary who like to think outside the box. The diamond glasses represent having creative vision. The Z with a line through it represents doing things differently than others. And the skeleton is to remind us that we are all the same on the inside. 

Every purchase you make with our brand will be a fuck you to all the brands that want to charge you hundreds of dollars for something just because they slapped their logo on the clothing. If you invest into our brand we promise never to become those people. We want to show all those brands the people are tired of their inflated prices that only the richest of rich can afford.

We like to imagine we were sent from the future back in time to save humanity from the evil corporations that want to dull our senses, destroy the planet and enslave us.

#FuckYourBrand #StreetwearForTheRestOfUs