• Little cybernetic egg yolk in a chicken shaped robot suit
  • KOC A.I
  • Diamond in butt (only needs small diamonds to power each one)
  • Yolk makes faces, has eyes, mouth, expressions, voice & arms.
  • Has a weird voice, no discernable words.
  • Likes to cause mischief
  • Glass breaks and yolk leaks out when they die
  • Can respawn after short duration
  • Squid Inc. likes to farm the small diamonds from the many copies of 399 butt. (sometimes they have to be pried out, other times it falls out on its own.)
  • 399 A.I can move from body to body
  • Pawn
  • Cybernetic
  • Mechanical
  • Cyborg
  • Height = 33 inches


  • Can fly
  • Run & Roll fast
  • Launches from a spaceship back to the ground after dying, takes a short time to hatch. **hatching means the time it takes for them to wake up after landing. (large supply that sits in a hangar in space)
  • Explode into poison gas that stinks, throws shrapnel, parts of yolk, glass, metal, wires, etc.
  • Kamikaze strategy


  • Makes mistakes
  • Fragile
  • Dies a lot
  • Causes too much mischief sometimes to the detriment of own team
  • Attracted to bright objects
  • Small diamond that powers it, not that powerful.