• Praying mantis 
  • KOC A.I
  • Diamond in chest
  • Slightly bent over, doesn't stand fully erect.
  • J-111 receives pleasure from integrating her circuits inside of the mantis
  • More maneuverable than L.C.K / C.A.T
  • Likes rapping
  • Glowing eyes at night
  • Carries only 1 humanoid
  • Knight
  • Cybernetic
  • Shapeshifter
  • Mech
  • Height = 147 inches


  • Can create holographic projections
  • Can temporarily disappear at night into shadows
  • Creates confusion with rapping/words, holograms, disappearing.
  • Can weaken others with rapping/rhymes (J-111 raps while battling, voice is changed by 1z6 circuitry)
  • Can make multiple copies of self (can't do damage just visual)
  • Empower J-111 feeds her with energy, powerful drug & sexual like experience, and makes her go even more wild. (but can weaken and drain her if used too much, needs to build up combos before using this special, also creates addiction/dependency in J-111 if used too much)
  • Strong bite
  • Powerful Claws for grabbing/crushing
  • Very agile at maneuvering
  • Can jump forward and up some distance, not as much as L.C.K
  • Better rapper than R.A.P.T.O.R even though they will disagree.


  • Can't fly
  • Can't hold weapons in hands, but can tap on bongos or marimba or other similar instruments.
  • Vulnerable from above
  • Gets sad without J-111 requires coaxing & motivation
  • Always depressed
  • Gives up when losing