глаза (Glaza)


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neutral Character
  • Created by Dii Casses to strike a balance between the two forces of Earth, no way to undo its control by Dii Casses or any of the characters.
  • Created through a combination of KOC A.I & CMD A.I known as GLAZA A.I which is Version 3 of KOC > CMD > GLAZA
  • Moves through visual devices, sound devices, computer networks & electronic devices as an entity that oversees everything that is happening on Body Island as a neutral force. 
  • Glaza is Russian for eyes.
  • Creates rules that both sides need to abide by
  • Most powerful entity on Body Island, keeps everything in check & balanced. 
  • Can disable machines breaking the rules through hacking.
  • Ethereal voice that can take on many projected forms 


  • Disable any electronic device, machine, cyborg, mech, robot, etc.
  • Create barriers around landmarks or objects
  • Modify landscape / rearrange atoms
  • Call in space based weapons / satellites to target anyone breaking the rules.
  • Maintains balance in the force.
  • Modifies the weather
  • Penalize players / teams
  • Create, change rules to life on Body Island.
  • Distribute wealth, assets, assistance & power / energy if one side is getting too strong.
  • Issues Karmic debt
  • Create new game scenarios


  • Ancient Ones