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  • Squid
  • Neutral Character (affects good guys / evil guys equally )
  • Leader of the squids
  • Ancestral knowledge
  • Scar in forehead from battles
  • Affects Good & Evil team differently
  • Influences the city of Larissa & Ione differently
  • Purple in color
  • Carries diamond
  • Very high intelligence (not quantifiable) 
  • Telepathy
  • Mutant
  • Height = 49 feet


  • Very intelligent
  • Telepathically influences humanoids to hear the voice of God near toilets.
  • Can also telepathically control humanoids from any location namely in the City of Larissa.
  • Can manipulate humanoids & animals to attack/kamikaze in any location on the Planet if they can get a lock on their energy signature.
  • Can control sea creatures like jellyfish to create electrical attacks
  • Squid leader can be replaced similar to a queen bee. The replacement then inherits the previous squid's powers / spirit upon death after some work from the hive to resurrect the previous leader. 
  • Infinite lives / can replicate limbs
  • Can blind & escape using squid ink


  • Weak alone, needs to create shield walls using other creatures
  • Can be killed
  • Diamond can be taken away from squid which takes away their powers
  • Body fragile to attack