Dii Casses's Metallic Purple Jaw Phone/Tablet Holder (Out of stock)

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        We  just finished designing our newest  product.  Its been sitting in a bath of Grape Soda for 30 years waiting for this moment. 

        Now its finally (almost) ready!

       We still need to do some testing, and size adjustments to get it perfect before shipping. It will be printed (as of now) with a metallic PLA filament.

       We are now  accepting Pre-Orders which will allow us to start preparing everything we need to ship. Please allow 4-12 weeks for delivery. Could be a lot sooner!

Saftey & Environment Information:

        PLA filaments use plastics made from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugar cane. PLA plastics contain no BPA, and no safety concerns have been raised for using it with food. Even though PLA is biodegradable, and the material on its own is food safe, we do not suggest to repeatedly drink or eat from your 3D prints. Because of the small fractures on the print surface, bacteria can build up in there over time. You can prevent this by applying a food-safe coating.