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Making some more progress on the clothing brand. Have the next 3 shirt designs mapped out already. The plan for the first shirt is to make a chess board with all the characters from the lore.

The characters that I am planning to incorporate into the chess board right now are:

King= Dii Casses(main skeleton hacker dude), Queen= J-N4 Bishop=Pr0xy 


Of course the main characters are Dii Casses and J-N4. So they will be the ones on the banner. Soon I will write the lore for a day in the life of Dii Casses which will explain many of the things he does in his every day life. Since he sends Proxy back to the 90s a lot he is obsessed with stuff from the 90. Like arcade machines, comic books, power glove and floppy disk. So these are the main iconography you will see surrounding Dii.




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