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New designs are in the works for the website. We should have some new prints to purchase on the store soon! The lore has been updated, total of 3 pages of lore right now. A couple new pages have been added to the website Mission Statement & Vision. Theres a couple more graphics to add to the website but those should be finish before the end of the month of September.

We still want to make our first Official Cut & Sew product when that is going to happen depends on when the pocket logo design is finished and when that gets trademarked. We also need a hang tag design and that slogan needs to be trademarked. Currently "8-BITS OF STRING" is trademarked. But there is a secondary slogan that we havent trademarked yet.

A comic book is in the future for as well. It will follow the adventures of DII CASSES. Its probably going to take a few months to save up money to make that happen. Mostly for the illustration cost, printing cost, etc. But I think it will be well worth it. The comic book wont be in pixel art, so you will get to see a different side to the universe. I plan to print off a first run of 1,000 copies These copies may ship with the first official product if I can figure out away to ship them both safely. There are many products coming in the future, like stuff animals, toys, and other unexpected products. First we need to focus on getting some clothes out to yall. Theres going to be some affiliate banners on the website that will help us pay for the website and make new products. All the money coming into the business will be used to just make more cool stuff and grow this corner of the interwebs.

Hopefully some people dig what we are trying to create here. We believe its a fun story, with cool characters, and a good purpose overall. Bringing affordable high fashion clothing to the masses!

Were planning to do a couple different sticker packs to hopefully help raise money to make really nice clothes to sell. So if  your wondering why the stickers seem so pricey its to help us out. Everything that is holding us back right now is money. So there will be a couple Printful printed shirts that cost us nothing to make to help fund the business and better and more complicated products!

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We appreciate any support we get while we try to create and build this from scratch. Many people will not get what were trying to do, but we hope a few get how cool this can become with alittle bit of support and spreading the word!


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