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Well after thinking for about 6 months thinking of the first Anti.biz logo. Getting the first logo trademarked and approved from the USTPO. I realized that the logo just didn't get me out of bed in the morning and motivate me. I knew the idea was good just the overall design needed to be better.

Fast forward another couple months of thinking and we have a new design and a completely new art direction! 

Thanks to https://www.fiverr.com/diconcilio this guy really did a great job on the logo. I purchased from many buyers and none of them were able to create something that I absolutely loved. We went back and forth with many revisions till we got to this final logo that you currently see on the website.

Now I'm in the process of creating all the other elements needed for the brand. I have many ideas and am trying to create my own little world to live in. I guess kind of like Marvel Universe but for a clothing brand/do it all kind of business.

There's more characters to the brand I will be introducing the first being the skeleton "Cereal's" sidekick Proxy who is a time traveling parrot. They will all have hacker type names like Memory, Freak, Dagger, Plague, Hex, and Echo. The characters at this point are not really necessary. Because their all basically skeletons fighting squids and all the women are blow up dolls. Its a messed up future for sure. I don't exactly know how they keep procreating.

Theres going to be a cool new banner for the website and all the social media accounts that is inspired from the ending of my favorite movie Hackers. But instead of flashing the words "Crash and Burn" it will say "8-BITS OF STRING".

This will be our official slogan. We also have another slogan on our hang tag. Its a lyric from my friend Craterface/DMYCF rap lyrics that he said I could use and trademark. Check him out on Instagram or Spotify @craterfaceless Craterface


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