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Some updates during this crazy year. The new logo for the website has been trademarked under IC 35. The skeleton with the diamond glasses and middle fingers. That will be the official clothing tag of the brand. The pocket logo that people will see on the outside of the clothing been getting worked on. Many iterations of ideas that just didn't work out. The pocket logo will have to do with the toilet/hypnotizing swirls. As toilets will be some of the main imagery of the brand besides Cereal, proxy, plague. (skeleton, parrot, squid).

I plan to add the Life of Cereal lore soon, I been procrastinating on writing that for awhile.

The slogan 8-BITS OF STRING has been officially trademarked. I cant remember when I thought of that slogan, maybe back in fall. But that is the official slogan of Anti.biz. There will be 1 more slogan that will be used on the hang tag exclusively that goes with the branding. It was a rap lyric from one of my friends here in Philadelphia that I really liked that he gave me permission to use.

I am still getting hang tag designs made, haven't decided on one that will be the final one I will use.

I will need a pocket logo trademark and hang tag trademark before I start selling again. The plan is a complex product. But if money becomes tight I will do a T-shirt. I had some different ideas for some cool shirts. I also have some ideas for doing fabric patterns, or knitted illustrations.

I want to do a metallic Nylon jacket in a lavender and mauve accents. Similar to hoody style. But I haven't decided if its going to be a pull over, or a zipup or half zip.

I am also contemplating doing vinyl heat press on nylon, but I think it will be too much possibly and take away from the design. I am still not 100% sure if all my designs will be pixel based. I think I kind of need to stay that route so I don't confuse the customer early on with too many conflicting art styles. But there is this cool rainbow anodized 3D model effect that I really want to do on a shirt. Its very vaporwavish.

Almost forgot that Facebook and Instagram gave me the usernames @Anti.biz so you can find us there. Twitter of course sucks and won't make that happen.


The goals for this month is to finalize the pocket logo and get some more hang tag designs. And figure out what the first drop is going to be. Theres a lot I want to make to add with the first drop like stickers/plush doll (Pr0xy the time traveling parrot plush, or Cereal the futuristic hacker, or maybe Plague the squid king)


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