July 1st Updates

Posted by Dii Casses on

A lot is being worked on the past few months.

A couple different 3D printed objects have been sculpted and are getting prepared to be print once the printer starts churning them out.

Some future projects have been sculpted for a chess board were planning to release with 12 characters apart  of the lore & future comic book series.

Tie dye socks are coming sometime this fall hopefully! Purchasing what is needed to start creating them today!

8-10 characters have been created / designed. A total of 12 will be made, along with neutral characters, pets, mechs, and a lot more!

Games are being planned in the future so the foundation of the store, the island, its layout is important for the future game. Items/drugs/ and stuff you will read about in the lore/comics will eventually make its way into the games in the future.

Probably not this month for a new shirt design, we were planning a pattern, but funds have been low so it may not be possible till next month unfortunately!

Julys focus will be on finishing the characters, getting the phone/tablet holder ready for shipping. Getting the socks prepared for next month, and writing a lot of the lore!

We also designed a cup/cup coaster/straw. That will be a much future project that will be included hopefully with the first comic book in the future. Before that will come the collapsible chess board and the 3d characters!.




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