February 2021 Updates

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Working on a lot for Anti.biz some of the new stuff coming soon this month is two new designs, a shirt design, and pattern for pant bottoms. Also coming in a few weeks is 3D printed designs of the characters into useful objects like coasters, or incense holder, or something along those lines. Planning some bigger projects like 3D printed chess board/pieces, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date.


Anti.biz will also be auctioning/raffling a table top arcade machine, when that will be finished will be announced in the near future look for it around summer 2021!

We are planning our first official product around April 2021, it should be a baseball jersey, should look very cool with a lot of embroidered touches!

Were also planning a retro gaming box with a 3D printed case. The case will either be engraved with our logo or stenciled with paint. Most likely engraved, which ever looks the best. The gaming box will run on a Raspberry Pi 4 gig $55 using a 256 g microSD $35, $8 power cable, $5 micro hdmi cable $103. Not exactly sure the final cost with the 3D printed case depending on time/materials will determine the final price. The price will also incorporate alittle extra to help with any support cost needed to help people incase they run into a problem. But everything should run out of the box. 

Basically to get the gaming box/computer to work you would have to download a torrent and flash the file using Balena Etcher to the microSD, so a microSD card reader will be required. Those will be sold as an extra incase you have one you won't need to buy it.

There is a lot planned for the future. Planning to make a face rigged 3D model of Dii Casses to use for making promotional videos, streaming, etc. And further into the future a prop will be made to make skits and do photoshoots.

Right now there is a fish tank being made out of a old Apple green iMac to use with promoting some of the toys and 3D printed stuff that is made. From perler bead creations, to things that maybe manufactured.

 We are mirroring our videos to our Lbry/Odysee account @anti.biz , Youtube @antibiz and Tik Tok @anti.biz just for more exposure of our content once the content starts getting better.

 One thing that will be looked into is a Patreon account, so that people that want to help support us to help us grow faster can. We have the Body Island Beach Club, so maybe just increase the tier levels to provide more benefits. As a lot of help is needed to really start pumping out content. Theres a lot of ideas that want to get made, which cost money and time. Will get there, just dont know how long it will take. The more support the better.

Also we just added our site to the BRAVE content creators. So if you use Brave browser you can tip or support us through there. Thanks!




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