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So this months goals are to release 3 new shirt designs done in pixel art. Most likely they will be sold through Printful integrated into my site. I am also curious about trying Amazon Merch.

I been banging my head against the wall trying to get the site integrated into Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook. They all have their problems working with Shopify and its definitely a headache.

Hopefully by the end of the month we will have the new designs done. Working on the pocket logo still which is the goal for the business this month is to get that done.The 2-3 month goal is to find a manufacturer overseas to start making and shipping our products direct. I know the first shirts/designs which are more summer styles. So as summer is almost over I am trying to figure out everything in the winter for spring/summer release.

But in the mean time there will be a couple designs on the site. I am also looking at doing stuff animals/plushies for one of the 3 main characters (possibly a 4th character but its more of inanimate object)

The 3 main characters of

Dii Casses (main character skeleton)

Proxy (Dii's time traveling parrot)


The main Iconography of the brand is :


Skeleton with middle fingers wearing diamond glasses

Backwards Z with a line through it

Hypnotizing Toilet

Mechanical Parrot


The website is following a strict 13 color palette which is purple/grape inspired. But the biggest news is that this palette doesnt convert to CMYK well from RGB. So I found a palette called FIREBRANDX NES classic palette which is 56 colors that convert perfectly to CMYK. So all future clothing designs will be restricted to these 56 colors. I think its a bit too difficult to stick to the 13 colors. But for all the artwork on the website will be restricted to this 13 color palette. But its not set in stone. The colors could be flipped at any moment. So expect different colored designs, it just makes things easier trying to force this grape aesthetic.

Got a ton of ideas for products I want to create for its mostly just a matter of money holding me back at the moment.

The new designs that will be worked on next week. Waiting on my pixel artist in Brazil whos always working to have time for me.

I added a bunch of old designs to the Instagram but those will be taken down when the new designs are done to unify the look. I am going to try writing the 3rd page of lore about "Dii Casses."


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