April 2021 updates

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A lot is being worked on currently. Have a lot planned for the future, slowly but surely its all coming together. A big piece of the puzzle is still missing which is the pocket logo. Which is being worked on as much as possible to figure it out.

Some updates what has been done over the past few weeks. We created a Cardano pool. Where you can stake your crypto currency Cardano with SKULL our pool we run.

You can also now by products with Cardano and other crypto currencies. The boss man Charles Hoshkinson gave us permission to use the Cardano logo on shirts. So we will be sending a few shirts out his way to Colorado soon.

We made our first NFT which is a spinning 3D toilet. The goal eventually is to release the entire set on the Cardano blockchain once NFT markets come around the Alonzo era. Check our Instagram for more videos, and different things we've made.

Our newest design is the Green skull / video game. We also recently released a inverted version of it. There will be matching shorts, maybe 2 different designs to go with it for a complete outfit!

In the near future we will be manufacturing our clothes! Soon no more prints everything will be done in house! There is still a lot of work to get to that point.

Other things we are working on, 3D printer is still being put together, so expect some  3D printed trinkets to be sold soon! Stuff animals, official 3D model and a lot more is on the horizon. Including photoshoots and skits! And maybe even a life size 3D prop! 

Oh and if you check our Instagram we released a AR filter you can try out. Expect a lot more AR filters in the future.

Finally the 4th page of lore will finally be released this month! And hopefully a 5th page in May. There is a lot of characters and more information about the island that is slowly bubbling to the surface!

Well just a short blog for now, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date!~


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